The MINDSET of Highly Successful and Happy People

When it comes to success and happiness, mindset plays a major role.  It determines our feelings, our feelings determine our actions and our actions determine our results.  If we want to enjoy greater success, joy and happiness, we can start adopting the mindset of those who are happy. 1.  Successful and happy people clearly define what they want in life. …

Coach JamesThe MINDSET of Highly Successful and Happy People

5 Benefits of Meditation

Did you know that MEDITATION can help you reduce stress and improve your quality of life?  Meditation is focused thinking.  It’s a spiritual, psychological and physical exercise involving contemplating, reflecting and concentrating.  Meditation is important because it affects our thinking and wellbeing.  Our thinking determines our behaviors, and our behaviors determine our results. The benefits of Meditation are enormous.  Research …

Coach James5 Benefits of Meditation

7 Benefits of Prayer

The benefits of prayer are enormous. For centuries, people have been enjoying the power of prayer. Now, it’s your time to release the power of prayer over your life and enjoy its benefits! Dr. Lauretta Justin and I discussed several benefits of prayer in our book, EXPRESS YOURSELF. To get you started, here are 7 benefits of prayer: 1. Prayer …

Coach James7 Benefits of Prayer

How may I help you?

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Coach JamesHow may I help you?

How to keep your joy and happiness at all times

Happiness is a choice. We all can decide to be happy no matter. Therefore, you are encouraged to choose to be happy now and keep your happiness for life! It’s true that we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. There are events that we experience beyond our control. These events may include a cancer diagnosis, your children is …

Coach JamesHow to keep your joy and happiness at all times