Foundations of Christian Counseling – eBook


Foundations of Christian Counseling eBook in PDF format

Our Foundations of Christian Counseling course is an introduction to Biblical counseling with special attention given to tough issues that distress today’s generation. The ultimate goal was to introduce you to the Biblical answers for modern-day problems. We hope this course provided you an overview of basic resources and knowledge that apply to a broad scope of issues you’ll face in your counseling ministry.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Understand and use the Bible as the Ultimate Authority and Guide for your Christian Counseling. Discuss the Biblical model of counseling.

• Understand the Role of the Holy Spirit in Christian Counseling

• Understand the Process of Repentance, Healing and Transformation. Define the current issues in counseling and how to help your clients. Evaluate the differences between Christian counseling and the secular counseling field.

• How to Prepare Yourself to Start and Grow your Christian Counseling Ministry. Identify foundational counseling skills, character and knowledge needed to develop your counseling ministry.

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