James Justin's Developing Meaningful Relationships

How to Develop Meaningful Relationships Paperback Book


In this powerful book, James provides the seven steps to develop the relationships your heart desires.  If you want to improve yourself and your current relationships, then this book is a must read.

The steps are clearly outlined and the information is life changing.  If you read this book and apply its principles, you will not only have better relationships; you will have a better life!

In this powerful book, you will learn James Justin’s seven steps to meaningful relationships. You will learn how to:

1. Become self-aware
2. Become selective in choosing the right relationship
3. Become an effective communicator
4. Become loving
5. Become friendly
6. Become trustworthy
7. Become committed to the relationships you deserve

As you continue to apply the principles in this book, you will not only have better relationships; your life will be transformed. To learn more about our meaningful relationship coaching, contact us today by visiting CoachJamesJustin.com!

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    3 out of 5

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